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Our beaded stoma covers are made from plastic beads which look like pearls. There are three styles of covers to choose from: Large Pearl, Small Pearl, and Black and Ivory Pearl. The beaded stoma cover fits necks up to 16 inches around. On one end has a hook that attaches to the other side which has loops. A foam filter should be attached to the skin above the stoma or to the reverse side of the beaded stoma cover to protect the integrity of the pearls from debris.

Stoma covers come 3 to a package.

DeanRosecrans Distributor of Products for the Laryngectomee Community

DeanRosecrans Beaded Stoma Covers
Small Pearl
DeanRosecrans Beaded Stoma Covers
Black & Ivory Pearl
DeanRosecrans Beaded Stoma Covers
Large Pearl


Which styles?  Enter name and quantity of each style. A total of 3 covers of any combination per order.

** No International Sales. United States customers only. **
Due to recent changes in Medicare we are no longer able to sell in Alabama, Montana, Tennessee, South Carolina or Utah. Orders from these states will not be fulfilled.

Regular price: $49.00 for a set of 3 Beaded Stoma Covers. Shipping is only $7.50 for Prority mail or $50.00 for UPS Second Day Air within the Continental US including Alaska and Hawaii.