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Low resistance, lightweight ADDvox™ Humidi-Foam™ Stoma Filters offer excellent protection against dust, dirt and pollen, while helping warm and moisten the air you breathe.

Designed for single use, with a hypoallergenic, non-irritating, self-adhesive strip that's comfortable and easy to apply. With microporous adhesive (skin tone only). Not recommended for cannula users. Skin tone (also available in White, see Stock Number TR1115 WH below). 2-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" high x 1/8" thick. Day or night, you'll breathe easier! Package of 60 filters, plus a FREE dust proof and waterproof Filter Storage Pouch for your pocket or purse!

60 Humidi-Foam™ Skin Tone or White Stoma Filters/pkg: 1 package $36.00, only 60¢per filter.
Buy 5 Packages or more and save! $35.00 each package - only 58¢ per filter.

DeanRosecrans Distributor of Products for the Laryngectomee Community

DeanRosecrans ADDvox Stoma Filters
ADDvox Humidi-Foam Filters
DeanRosecrans ADDvox Stoma Filters
ADDvox Humidi-Foam Filters



** No International Sales. United States customers only. **
Due to recent changes in Medicare we are no longer able to sell in Alabama, Montana, Tennessee, South Carolina or Utah. Orders from these states will not be fulfilled.

Shipping is only $7.50 for Prority mail or $50.00 for UPS Second Day Air within the Continental US including Alaska and Hawaii.